Last Saturday I was part of @milenatrifonova ‘s live on Instagram called We draw together ( Рисуваме Заедно ). We chose for inspiration the topic “My sustainable kitchen” and discussed what we do in our everyday lives to create less waste in this area of the house. And it turned out we had so many things to talk about and share, that we barely had enough time for the drawing part. 😅

We spoke about the different sorts of brushes and sponges we use, the beeswax wraps, my insane collection of tea infusers and of course about recycling and composting. If you missed the live, but you want to see it anyway, it is now uploaded on both my and Milena’s Patreon pages. ( it’s only available in Bulgarian, but let me know if you would like some content like this in English and I’ll do my best to provide it )

I finished the illustration on my own and here it is! A million tiny items later, I’m finally done! But it is my own fault for trying to put everything kitchen related in one tiny picture. 😂 Did I still miss something? Do you use any of these sustainable swaps? Let me know in the comments below. 🦊