Hello, wonderful ones,

A while ago I stumbled upon this poem, called YOU DO YOU (check the third slide ) by Kate from @ethicallykate and I fell in love with it.😍

It is so simple, yet it describes perfectly what I believe sustainable living should be all about. It shouldn’t be about us feeling guilty and giving up the things that are most precious to us. It should be about us realizing the variety of ways in which we can change our habits to be more eco-conscience and choosing to start with the ones that will bring us more joy instead of less. 🤸

So with Kate’s permission I started working on this illustrated series inspired by her text. ( If you haven’t yet, go check out her profile, she’s truly awesome )

This week I present to you Mr. Bearington who has work trips very, very often ( obviously this is happening in pre-covid times ), but he’s making up for it by choosing a plant based diet. 🐻

What are your thought on frequently flying? Or trying a vegan diet for a while? Would you rather do the opposite and fly less, but have a steak from time to time? Which habits are hard for you to give up and which you can’t wait to try and change?🍎🛩️