Here is the second illustration of the series ✨YOU DO YOU✨ done in collaboration with @ethicallykate !

I have been a vegetarian myself since I was a child. I didn’t do it for environmental reasons at the time ( it wasn’t yet known how big the impact was ). I was just one of those kids who would tear up at the concept of eating a cute bunny. 😅

But  I have many close friends for whom meat is a passion, a pleasure and almost a religion. And I don’t think guilting anyone into giving up something so important to them is a good approach. But may be buying less of it produced in an ethical way could be a good way to go? Yes it’s probably more expensive, but I’ve heard the meat itself is a better quality and has less antibiotics and stuff… Said the person who hasn’t eaten a stake in her life. 🙈

Anyhow to all of you meat lovers out there – Miss Tigerson says hi and shares your passion!
I’ll be happy and grateful to learn more on how you feel about this touchy subject, what motivates you to eat one thing or another and how you try to keep your carbon footprint lower if meat is part of your diet. 🦊