✨Little Miss Sunshine✨
You might be wondering why we haven’t been very active here lately. Well, the reason is I recently gave birth to a little baby girl ( she’s one month old already! ) and so as you can imagine we have been a little preoccupied 😅
It’s been so emotional, fulfilling, beautiful, scary and exhausting at the same time… basically a mad carousel of emotions. But we’re above all very grateful that the birth went well and that our little one is healthy and exited to experience life in all it’s glory ( at the moment mostly by eating, pooping and crying ) 🙃

And for those of you who might get worried – no, we do not plan to focus our content only on kids and parenting from now on. This profile’s main focus has always been and will be sustainable living. That said if you are curios how we prepared for the baby in a way we considered less wasteful, let us know and we’ll make a special post about it. 🧸

P.S. I had quite a difficult pregnancy ( with hyperemesis gravidarum, which basically means non stop nausea and vomiting ), so I apologize if you have send us a dm or an e-mail in the past few months and never got a reply. I was just physically unable to do stuff, but I’m hoping things will be better from now on. Big hug to all of you, I hope you’re doing well in this crazy times. 💗
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