A few days before Christmas I keep thinking about all the wrapping paper that’s going to get thrown away as soon as the presents get opened. To reduce this waste you can replace single use wrapping paper with reusable fabric. Have you heard of Furoshiki? A traditional part of the Japanese way of life, Furoshiki are squares of fabric used for carrying and storing things.You can use them to wrap any object of any size, by selecting one of the three most traditional sizes:small (50 cm.), medium (70 cm.) or large (100 cm.). You can either buy them or even better,make them from recycled fabric you already have. I’ll share a link with a tutorial that I found on how to tie them in different ways. It’s actually surprisingly easy, unlike what my comics suggests. 😄 That way we are also giving two presents in one – the object itself and the beautiful piece of fabric it came in, that’s going to keep it’s journey from one person to another, spreading joy and happiness. 🎁