The school year started and kids everywhere are packing their bags and getting ready. But no matter our age we’re all students on the subject of sustainable living, right? And since after my straw story a lot of you dm me with questions on what do I carry with me everyday I made a little illo about it. Full disclosure since I don’t drink coffee lately and I rarely eat outside my home I usually carry only one foldable container that can be used as both a food container and mug. 🙈

I bet you’re still thinking – isn’t that a lot of stuff to fit in a bag? Doesn’t it become super heavy and uncomfortable? Well… It depends on the stuff. Mine are not fancy at all. Mostly gifts, advertising products or things I did myself, but they do the job just fine 🙂 And I have this favorite backpack that has been my best friend for 6 years now ( and I’m planning to wear it until it’s totally ruined and a little bit after that 😁 ). Everything I need fits nicely in it and I still have space for a cardigan, a notebook and even some shopping.

What do you carry in your bag? 🎒👜💼