I think we’re all very glad to see 2020 go away and to welcome ✨2021✨ with the hope it will bring us better things, am I right?

Even though it was an extremely difficult and confusing year we can try and find the positive changes it has brought us. This sudden shift in our priorities from succeeding and owning to connecting and appreciating. We were reminded of the truly important things in life: our connections with other human beings that we love and cherish and our appreciation and need for nature. 🏞️

Thank you for all the love and support you gave us over this past crazy year! Having this amazing community of like minded people is the biggest gift anyone can think of! 🎁

In the illustration we remind you that you can use organic confetti, instead of the regular ones if you need this sort of excitement at midnight. 🎊🍂🍁🌿🎉

Have wonderful celebrations this new year’s eve and may all your dreams for the next one come true! 💛