Here we are guys! The final image of the ✨YOU DO YOU✨ series done in collaboration with @ethicallykate is here!

I recently had a conversation with a girlfriend about this and she said that long showers are what she lives for and how she keeps herself happy, calm and mentally stable. And I feel especially now anything that keeps us mentally stable is worth holding on to, right? 😳🛁🚿

I myself prefer my showers super short and efficient and get the relaxation afterwords with a blanket and a detective novel on the couch.📚😊

As for the recycling – do you consider yourself a recycler? If not what is stopping you? ♻️

If the reason is not knowing where to start, I’m excited to share we have just the thing for you! Our first e-book about recycling will be available next Wednesday completely for free! Yey! 🎉🎉🎉