Today is ✨World Environment Day✨!

And I wanted to share something that truly shocked me a few months ago, while I was watching sir @davidattenborough ’ s movie “A life on our planet”( totally recommend it, if you haven’t seen it! ) Obviously I knew ice in the Arctic is melting and I knew that’s bad for several reasons:
🧊 sea and ocean levels rising
🧊 release of methane gases
🧊 wild animal habitats disappearing
🧊 rapid climate change

What I didn’t know ( but it is so logical when you think about it!?! ) is that the ice caps are also working as a shield, protecting us from the heat and radiation of the Sun and reflecting it back to space. While land and water absorb the heat due to their darker colors, the whiteness of the shiny ice reflects heat back almost a 100%. That’s why it’s even scarier that we’ve lost 40% of the summer ice in the Arctic in the last 40 years. It’s a vicious circle in which the less ice we have, the warmer the planet gets and the warmer the planet gets – the less ice we have. 🌍

But do not despair! There are things we can still do and the change starts with each and everyone of us! No matter if it includes changing our own lifestyle, being a climate activist or voting for greener policies – it’s up to us to lower our carbon emissions and give the planet a chance to recover. 💙

Did you know about this? If you’re as mind blown as I was, please share this post, so more people can be aware of this amazing phenomenon. And what better day to be aware about the environment than today? 😊