The 3 months of #fashiondetox start tomorrow! Yey! Did you sign up already for #slowfashionseason2021 ? If you haven’t you can do it now on the @slowfashion.movement ‘s website. 🤩

To inspire us all I decided to do a little illustration. It’s a kind reminder that there are many ways to enjoy fashion in a sustainable way. Do you follow any of those guidelines?

I think if we have to choose one most important one it would be “wear what you already own”. But if we absolutely need to get a new item it’s essential to remember we have many different options on how to get it. For example I was a guest at a wedding this weekend and instead of buying something new I borrowed a dress from a friend. So I had a fresh new outfit with no cost to my wallet or the environment. 😉 👗

Swipe left to see the other illustrations from the “My sustainable…” series. What should we do next? My sustainable garden? My sustainable laundry? 😁 I’m open for ideas, guys, let me know in the comments below. What areas of your life do you need sustainable inspiration for?