In all the interesting things happening lately we kind of forgot we had a birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

Happy birthday, Aware Animals!!! We’re 2 years old! And by “we” I mean all of us here, because I’m so grateful for the little community we’ve created! 😊

And if there is one thing I keep reminding myself again and again, it’s this – Smaller steps get us further along the way! This is so true for my zero waste journey, but I’m also realizing how true it is for my comic creation journey… I started with no knowledge, no experience. Just a topic that was important for me and a dream – to have a safe space where we can talk about sustainability in a fun and entertaining way. My only goal was to be persistent enough and to find the time to make a new comic strip each week. And small step by a small step, so many amazing things happened:

✨our project was included in the collection “35 Social Entrepreneurship Case Studies to Inspire your Path to Success” by
🤓I was invited to be part of the jury at the comic book contest “Zero Waste”, part of the international information campaign “WE CHOOSE REUSE”
📒our first web book “Little book about Recycling” is now available completely for free in 4 languages ( soon to be 8, thanks to you wonderful people!!! ) 
👗we’re proud ambassadors for the @slowfashion.movement  
🐅and so excited to be part of the massive @rewritingextinction campaign that includes 7 charities and 300 contributors across the planet!
📓we’re also featured in “The most important comic book on Earth” which you can now pre-order on Amazon! All profits are going towards amazing causes!
( link to all of this in bio ) 

So what more proof can we need – small steps work!!!

Thank you all for your love and support! You inspire us to want to be better and do more!❤️❤️❤️

And a giant thank you to all our Grateful, Inspired and Fantastic Foxes on Patreon – you’re the ones keeping this project alive and you have our endless gratitude! 🦊