Here is one way to make sure you don’t get unwanted ✨GIFTS✨. I think we all face this problem in one way or another every holiday season. We persist in giving each other stuff, just because that’s what we’re suppose to do, so we all end up with strange plush animals, ugly decorations, cosmetics that smell weird to us and so on and so on…

I use to do this myself very often. In my effort not to offend somebody I would get them something even if I have no idea what they want. Nowadays I generally just ask them. But that can be a bit awkward and not everyone is brave enough to have this conversation. 😁

So I read somewhere about this brilliant idea –
⭐you create an online document with your Christmas wishes
⭐you share it with the people you usually exchange gifts with and ask them to do the same

It can include big variety of things from more expensive items (that you would never splurge for yourself) to cheaper stuff like cosmetics, candles or special foods that you already know you love and use often. That way people can choose something in their price range and not be overwhelmed.

Would you try this? What do you do in order to avoid getting unwanted gifts? 😁