✨Why should we compost?✨

There are many reasons, but here is the one that motivates me the most:

Methane is a greenhouse gas 26 times more potent than carbon dioxide and it has a significant contribution to global warming. The reason for its release is the decomposition of organic material in anaerobic ( oxygen-free ) conditions ( for example, in landfills, where it is suffocated by other „non-breathable“ waste – plastics, metals, etc. )

So it is a lovely feeling to know my organic waste isn’t suffocating somewhere in a landfil, but it’s becoming potent and beautiful soil again. 😅

You can find this and many other interesting facts in our new book “Little book about composting”, that you can downloud for free from our website ( link in bio ) 🌱

What are your reasons to compost? Let us know in the comments bellow…