Producing no trash whatsoever is extremely difficult, right? For many products that means making it yourself or being in contact with someone who does. So every now and then we end up in a shop. But one of the super powers that we have as a consumer is to choose one type of packaging over another. That way we give feedback to the manufacturing companies that this issue is important for us and give them a nice incentive to use more eco-friendly alternatives.
Different materials have very different cycles of recycling. They take different amount of time and energy and based on that cost more or less. Some can be recycled endless times, some only once or twice. ( for more info on that check the next image) So don’t let the shiny green labels fool you and remember – with packaging less is definitely more. 😉 Special thanks to Zero Waste Bulgaria for consulting me on this post and for educating us all on this subject. <3 .