Today on ✨World Environment Day✨ we also celebrate exactly one year since we started publishing the Aware Animals comic strip. This project that started as a little hobby of mine and a way not to feel so lonely in my struggle for a more sustainable lifestyle has become so much more now.
I want to say a giant thank you to my wonderful man and my absolutely amazing friends (yes, you know who you are) who share the comics week after week (risking to become extremely annoying for their own friends) and by doing so have helped my dream come to live and reach more people. I would be lost without you and your support means the world!❤️ I also want to thank all of you! With your help we’ve grown so much! We’ve become a community of Aware Animals that help each other and learn from each other. Each comment and each message I receive from you are so precious. Week after week we learn from each other about the sustainable practices in our different counties and inspire each other to do a little bit better every day. It’s the small steps that can change the big picture, so it’s an honor and a privilege to take those steps with you. 🌿

Ok, that came out way more intense, than I had planed.🙈 But it is an emotional day for me, so you’ll have to forgive me. I’m going to stop rumbling now and let you enjoy this little video we made to celebrate the occasion.