For a while now I’ve been meaning to make a comic strip about buying products in ✨BULK✨. I remember my parents used to do this a lot, when I was a kid, to save money, so it’s always been making a lot of sense to me. And now I can appreciate all it’s other benefits as well. Including less plastic packaging and minimizing transport pollution.

We try to do it more and more at home, usually by going to the market and shopping for grains in our own containers. But since Mr Fox has been very inspired to bake lately, he surprised me one day by returning home with a giant sack of flour on his shoulder. 😅 And last weekend he made this beautiful monstrosity of a bread ( I don’t even know how it fitted in the oven ) and I needed an excuse to share it with you guys. 🙈

Do you buy products in bulk? And if yes, which ones? Let us know it the comments below.