What do you do with your ✨Jack-o-lanterns✨ when Halloween is over?
You might be tempted just to throw them all away ( as our Hamlet inspired friend here ) and that’s certainly what many people do. Every year 918,000 tonnes of pumpkin end up in a landfill where they slowly decompose and produce methane, a greenhouse gas that is far more potent than carbon dioxide.

Thankfully there are other options! We can:
🎃 Eat them: Yes, you can eat your jack-o’-lanterns after Halloween, provided the weather stays cool enough to preserve them. They can be pureed and used in pies, soups, sauces and so much more.
🎃 Compost them. Make sure to chop them into smaller pieces, so they decompose faster.
🎃 Feed them to animals. Many farms will be more than happy to accept this donation.

If you decide to cook them, make sure to share a before and after of your Jack-o-lantern ( and tag or mention us, so we can see them, please ). As seen in the comics our Jack-o-lantern’s destiny is to become a soup. 😂

This week you get two comic strips, because I was super inspired by the word of the day for #comictober2020 challenge created by @catandcatcomics @4amShower @sveninframes @siberianlizard and @litterboxcomics. Which was of course Jack-o-lantern. 😅