Do you know what the scariest thing about ✨Halloween✨ is nowadays? Plastic.
An average of 83 percent of the material in Halloween clothing items is plastic and since people often buy a new one every autumn 7 million Halloween costumes end up in a landfill each year. This is equivalent of 2,000 tonnes of plastic, or 83 million Coca Cola bottles.

Thankfully there are alternatives! We can make the costume ourselves, which can be a fun activity for the entire family, using organic materials or simply reusing items that we already have. Or if we don’t have the time we can rent a costume or buy it from a thrift store.

Did you already choose or make a costume? Let us know what you’ll dress up like in the comments below.👹👻😈

This comics is also my humble contribution to the #comictober2020 challenge created by @catandcatcomics @4amShower @sveninframes @siberianlizard and @litterboxcomics. The prompt word for today was #dress up.🤡