Is this story familiar to you? Do you have friends or relatives who persist to gift you with highly unpractical and unneeded items? 😬

I’ve been pestering mine for years and still I get some unwanted stuff from time to time. Things that are not my size, are not appropriate for my skin or skin tone or I simply don’t need. 🤷

An easy way to avoid this conundrum is to simply ask the person what will make them happy. Yes, yes, I know the element of surprise is completely ruined that way. But what would you prefer – 5 mins of excitement while opening a present or 5 years of using something you truly love and need?

And then there is always the option to simply give some cash in an envelope instead. I know this may seem tasteless and unthoughtful to some people. But in many cultures ( including my own ) it’s actually wildly accepted tradition and in my opinion – it’s super practical! Especially at the end of this economically challenging year I’m sure many of us would go gladly for this option. 💌

How about you? What is your approach to the whole Christmas gift madness? 🎁