✨Waste Aware Christmas Gift Ideas✨
So December is here! And since Christmas is fast approaching, let’s talk gifts! My friends have been joking that they’re afraid to give me anything anymore, cause they don’t know if it’s “green” enough. 😂 Do you have similar worries with your friends and family? 

Thankfully the internet is full of wonderful eco-friendly gift guides where we can go hunting for ideas. We can put them in two main categories: “experience” gifts ( trips, memberships, online courses, etc. ) and “object” gifts, which, let’s face it, are much harder to choose… 
So here I’ve tried to collect some ideas that are both practical and cute. 🎁 A gentle reminder, that another fun eco-friendly inspired gift is our 2021 Calendar. 🙈 The link is in bio.

How about you? Is there something here you’d like to receive as a gift? If so, feel free to write it down in the comments and then share this illustration. Maybe your loved ones will get the hint. 😏