So I guess this week’s comic strip isn’t going to be much fun for anyone who hasn’t seen @thehomeedit. But I watched it. And then I watched it again. And might have become a little obsessed with it. 😁 But you have to agree in this crazy times we need to stick with whatever makes us happy and gives us comfort.

And there is nothing I find more relaxing than organizing. The reason I share this with you is that through this process, I realized few things:
📦 how much stuff I owned
📦 how I really didn’t need big part of it ( so I sold or donated a lot over the past few months )
📦 how much more I love and appreciate the things I kept

I’m far from being a minimalist ( as seen in the pics ), but over the past few years I notice that I become less and less tempted to buy and own stuff and more and more inspired to mend, create or simply observe them be owned by others. 💕

The only thing I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to let go of is our collection of books. Of course now organized in rainbow fashion ( home edit style ). ( fyi Mr. Fox is still looking for his book 😂 ).

So thank you Clea and Joanna for the inspiration! You’re absolutely lovely!🌈

Do you like things organized or are you more of a creative chaos sort of person? 🦊